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~ cRayFisH ~

The name "crayfish" comes from the Old French word escrevisse (Modern French écrevisse).The word has been modified to "crayfish" by association with "fish" (folk etymology). The largely American variant "crawfish" is similarly derived.
Some kinds of crayfish are known locally as lobsters, crawdads,mudbugs, and yabbies. In the Eastern United States, "crayfish" is more common in the north, while "crawdad" is heard more in central and western regions, and "crawfish" further south, although there are considerable overlaps.

Crayfish members of the superfamilies Astacoidea and Parastacoidea  are freshwater crustaceans resembling small lobsters, to which they are related. They breathe through feather-like gills and are found in bodies of water that do not freeze to the bottom; they are also mostly found in brooks and streams where there is fresh water running, and which have shelter against predators. Most crayfish cannot tolerate polluted water, although some species such as the invasive Procambarus clarkii are more hardy. Crayfish feed on living and dead animals and plants.
The body of a decapod crustacean, such as a crab, lobster, or prawn, is made up of twenty body segments grouped into two main body parts, the cephalothorax and the abdomen. Each segment may possess one pair of appendages, although in various groups these may be reduced or missing. On average, crayfish grow to 17.5 centimetres (6.9 in) in length, but some grow larger.

Crayfish are eaten all over the world. Like other edible crustaceans, only a small portion of the body of a crayfish is edible. In most prepared dishes, such as soups, bisques and étouffées, only the tail portion is served. At crawfish boils or other meals where the entire body of the crayfish is presented, other portions, such as the claw meat, may be eaten.
Claws of larger boiled specimens are often pulled apart to access the meat inside. Another favourite is to suck the head of the crayfish, as seasoning and flavour can collect in the fat of the boiled interior. A popular double entendre laden phrase heard around crawfish season in Louisiana derives from this practice: "suck the head; pinch the tail".
A common myth is that a crawfish with a straight tail died before it was boiled and is not safe to eat. In reality, crawfish that died before boiling can have curled tails as well as straight, as can those that were alive, and may very well be fine to eat. Boiled crawfish which died before boiling are safe to eat if they were kept chilled before boiling and were not dead for a long time. (This does not mean that a sack of crawfish that are all dead should be boiled.) A much better test than the straight tail as to the edibility of any crawfish is the tail meat itself; if it is mushy, it is usually an indication that it should be avoided.
Like all crustaceans, crayfish are not kosher because they are aquatic animals that do not have both fins and scales.They are therefore not eaten by observant Jews.

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~ cRab vS frOG ~


COCONUT CRAB Lifecycle (Birgus latro)

During the life cycle of oil crabs have two habitat that is on landand sea. Kopulasi process, until just cooked egg incubation timelast shore, while the eggs until the eggs hatch into burayakplanktonik living life as freely in the sea Then, after the adultsreturn to the mainland.
after the newly hatched egg called zoea phase. This phaseusually lasts about 30 days consisting of five levels. Every levelwill change shape and size. The level of the first zoea last 5-6days after the eggs hatch and turn into the second stage zoeaoccurred on day four. The level of the second zoea lasts about 3-15 days of larval life and is completed within 10 days. Ever the level of the third zoea is generally 8-9 days. Substitution into the fourth stage began on day 15 of larval life until approximately day24. Burayak usually experience a change of skin on day 18-20and there are very active. After changed the skin, Zoea enteredthe fourth level and duration of this level ranges from 6-12 days.At the age of about 30 days, Zoea phase will immediately switch to the post larvae phase or "Glaucothoe".
Post larval phase is the most important phase in the growth of oilkepting  In this phase,crab changing the shape of animalsAmphibi and was beginning to swim with pleopodanya orcreeping on the ground. After this stage, the crabs dig a hole andturn the skin occurred on day 28 On day 36 of this crab has become a young crab and will select an empty shell gastropodaas a body (Pratiwi, 1989). Usually each skin substitute, shell as ahome will also be changed by adjusting the increase in his body.This behavior makes the shell-bearing animals can be held untilthe next 2.5 years left shell crabs and coconut crabs to grow intoadults. Coconut crab can not find the shells of the right size is also often use broken coconut pieces.
 Based on some research results, coconut crabs on kelomangphase or phases where he lived in a shell gastropoda, ischaracterized by a semi-terrestrial life on the sandy zone Litoralsupra at noon and can be found living under bushes andbetween the ruins of the pohohn death. Gibson-Hill (1947)revealed that coconut crabs are an adult, after 4 years ie after 8times experienced the turn of the skin. At that age, no longer carries the shell crabs because their body structure has become a land animal, and will spend time didaratan. Coconut crabgonads reached maturity at age 3.5 to 5 years and at this agehave started activities crab marriage and start life cycle by releasing their eggs into the sea. Age of this crab can reach 30-60 years.




Goliath Frog.


Conraua goliath or often called a Goliath Frog, is the largest in the world of frogs, some of which can weigh over 3 pounds. Sizecan reach 33 cm. Once released hundreds of frogs lay eggs andtake 85-95 days to hatch.
This frog population has dropped because of a limitedpopulation, only about Gabon, West Africa, the  
damagedcondition of the environment and deforestation.

Giant Toadzilla.

Toadzilla a giant cane toad ever found in northern Australia.
Frog berobot around 1kg, the group said the environment lovers.
The lovers of the environment trying to stop the spread of thispoisonous animals in tropical Australia.
This frog comes from Hawaii in 1930 to combat the cane beetleAustralia, but these efforts failed.
Toadzilla discovered when people en masse to hunt these frogsin Darwin. Diimbau citizens to go stop the spread of dust mitesis not required.



Frog was first released sugar cane in Queensland and has sincegrown into millions of pieces and move around Australia.
They breed like wildfire. Some estimate the number reached 200 million pieces.
They are no doubt giving effect to the environment.
They poison many native animals, including crocodiles died afterdevouring them.
The population of some snakes, frogs and small animals are also very suffer depend this frog.
A Northern Territory parliamentarian once said, Frog ha
s a verythreatening to attack them with pious seyogyanya golf club to control the number of people.
Darts, The Beautiful The Poisonous.strawberry_poison-dart_frog

Named Dart Frog is one of the most poisonous animal ever on earth. A frog of the species whose length is two inches / fivecentimeters has enough poison to kill ten adults, especially gold.Poison is located almost across the surface of the skin,especially in their backs. Indigenous Emberá, Colombianindigenous people have their cake with poison frogs sejata whenhunting. Since the weapons were named "blowgun darts" in accordance with kataknya name. If you ever see the movie"Apocalypto" Mel Gibson's direction, you will recall when the"jaguar" or the stars paralyze the enemy with a tulup (blow gunsusually use a small bamboo and poisoned arrows) are bathed intoxins from the backs of frogs.
Dart poison frogs have the most beautiful colors and wonderful in the world depends on their habitat. Their habitat is along theCosta Rica to Brazil. Their color can be various such as yellow, gold, copper, red, blue, green or black. Many prominent coloredspecies that is most deadly animals in the world. If you get lost inthe forest should avoid animals or plants with striking colors.They seemed to the buttockswarn that "I'm not eaten."
Several species of frogs have "parenting habits" such asbringing their eggs . Stallion often exclusively keeptheir nest and play an important role in the task of egg transport.Their natural food is a fly, cricket, ants, termites and beetles.
Scholars are not convinced the original from which the poison isamazing, the number of trials that makes poison frogs to digestcertain types of poison plants, brought by the victims. Dart Frogsthat grow in captivity and isolated from insects in natural habitatshas never produced pesticides.
short profile

Type: Amphibi
Foods: carnivore
The average age was 10 years in captivity
Size: 1 inch (2.5 centimeters)
Group name: Army
Did you know? The only natural predator of the golden frog is asnake Dart called Leimadophis epinephelus, who have developed immunity to the poison frogs of this type.
Status: endangered

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* Ella Enchanted *

                                                                trailer movie

Ella is an outspoken, strong-willed girl who unfortunately is given the gift of obedience by the fairy Lucinda. This spells doom for the life of Ella as she is obligated to obey anything that she is told to do, even to the point of endangering her own life. Like Cinderella in the original fairy tale, she loses her mom at a young age and is left by her father at the mercy of her evil stepmother and stepsisters. Unlike the tale, however, Ella refuses to succumb to fate's ill treatment of her--instead, she struggles to fight her injustices by her wit, intelligence, and determination. This image of Ella depicts a stark contrast (and a role model) to women who are on the verge of accepting their sad destinies by illustrating that goodwill, perseverance, and a strong sense of self (as seen in how she broke free from the curse by digging deep down to her real character) indeed win in the end. We also see that Ella's ability to sacrifice her happiness for the sake of her loved ones makes her character shine through.

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~ martial arts ~

Martial art is an art which arose as a way a person is self-defense. It is the tradition of fighting with or without weapons, and often without using guns or other modern weapons. Martial art has long existed, and at first it grew on the battlefield before slowly when war has been reduced and the use of modern weapons began to be used widely. many examples of martial arts, for example silat,karate,boxing.

Martial Art or Pencak Silat is a martial arts of the Malays or the archipelago that has been practiced since centuries ago. Age of a lineage of knowledge or martial arts can not be described in detail and precisely because there is no effort to study in depth from the authorities. Some have estimated that this art has for hundreds of years old and handed down from generation to generation. This includes practitioners of martial arts in Brunei, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Those who learn martial called PPS. Current practice, pegajar or silat teacher and a coach called the heritage of the flow of a teacher called Principal Teacher itu.Kebanyakan flow silat teachers now reject the term because for them the title of Grand Master of 'super' is for Allah (God) and this stature to meet teachers martial usually prefer to hide their skills and very humble. PPS senior who has long been in the martial world as an instructor (or to conceal their skills), a highly skilled, and some inherited some flow is lost called old and highly respected teacher. PPS has a high level of martial warrior named.

Among the ancient Malay weapons commonly used by the PPS are as kris, Badik, kerambit, machetes, swords, lading, Punch Pepper, tekpi, rod, tembong and Sword. For martial did not use weapons, the teaching will focus on empty hand combat (unarmed). Generally a flow of teaching both martial skills and flow with only one of them is slight. Normally a student or new students will focus on empty hand combat skills before being taught to play weapon. For some flows, only students who have recognized expertise and have manners
high character is allowed to learn the skills of weapons, especially those with weapons are considered weapons 'official' of the flow.

Silat movements divided into flowers (as if the dance movement, also known as art or dance) and fruit (or fruit shot at). For those who have never seen this martial art, it might look like a dance. However, there are flows which have only fruit and fruit such as Silat Tiny Bentayan. Fine arts allows its use as an offering in a gathering, but almost every stream has a 'dance call' includes flows that do not have flowers. Worship dance was performed to identify themselves and the flow represented / studied. In a fight situation, the beginning steps of the worship dance, or just from the interest shown enable the PPS to recognize partners aligned and enable the situation ended with a peace and tolerance.

It is well known and common expressions referred by teachers silat martial that the flower has a thousand and one tricks. Apart from the looks confusing (as if to dance) and the reasons above, the flowers are also used to provide time and space to opponents to offer salam peace (this can be seen in many flowers that look like stretched Posted), concealing the fruit and the angle of attack and mengacah and lure your opponent (sometimes up accidentally showing certain body parts for attack to ambush the enemy). Fatani scoop famous martial movements beautiful flowers and the term 'twisted'. PPS This trend will deliberately give space and signals to the enemy to attack or try to escape, where the enemy was attacked after including the trap seal, the more tightly they will be 'tangled' in PPS seal this flow.

Silat is also known as self-defense system that many use the lock, either key nerves or limbs. The term 'seal' is synonymous with martial arts.

Karate or karate-do is one of eastern martial arts. In general, karate is illustrated by the attack of motion and protection of hands and feet thoroughly. The concept is based on the general understanding of the attacks straight and level. Variations protection is also more simple method, which when considered as a simple, karate is a simple art and more based on the concept of 'boxing' in order

Boxing a lot of hands, elbows, feet and knees. Speed ​​and agility boxing players are very important when dealing with opponents. Generally, the player has a level of fitness boxing and physical stress is high enough.

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1.Imagine you are a part of a big orchard with a lot of trees around. How do feel being cut?

a) If I was surrounded by plants and other plants, then I cut, my life and habitat and other vegetation will be lost. In addition, ecosystems and biodiversity, we also destroyed. Destroy the soil nutrient distribution.

-Many species of fauna and flora threatened with extinction as a result of excessive logging. When forests are destroyed, we function as a plant or tree as the main producer will also be destroyed. Wildlife that depend on us will lose sources of food. Overall ecological disruption will occur when forests are destroyed.

b) Destroy the soil nutrient distribution .

-the impact of logging activities will also destroy the circulation of nutrients in the soil. In the natural circulation of nutrients will occur. However, in case of deforestation, and soil nutrient chain would quickly disappear as the surface water runoff increases sharply in the forests bare. The process of photosynthesis will also be disturbed thereby destroying the nutrient circulation.

2. What will happen to all the animals which were taking shelter on you ?
The animals depend on plants for survival. for example, in the desert sahara.Hanya few live plants in the desert, so there are only a small number of animals when compared to areas with more humid in the world. The temperature of the heat during the day and cold at night, determine the nature of the animals. When the day is hot, most of the animals hiding in an underground excavation cooler and more humid. Most of the animals in the Sahara in search of food at night. However, these animals will return to seek refuge in the excavation of the cold before dawn. Fennec foxes leave koroknya to hunt beetles and rodents as soon as the sun sets. Animal body consists of water required by the Fennec fox. As a dark environment, Fennec foxes rely more on hearing than vision. These animals have large ears that can capture the sound at night to help him stalk the enemy. This ear also helps cool the body during the day when the heat is lost via a wide surface area. So if Poco-felled trees animals will be difficult to find a place to stay and likely animals will become extinct. Not only in the food chain complex balance to operate in the desert. Overall condition of the natural environment is fragile. Although the environment can react to changes, but it takes a very long time.

3. What would be the surroundings like after you are cut?

-Human endeavor after progress and improvement in standard of living, economic activities and development projects. But they often ignore the environmental problems arising from the destruction of our habitat as natural vegetation. After we destroyed, there was a negative effect due to the process of development and modernization rush to more pressing and the resultant effects of pollution. All these negative effects increasingly threaten human health, economic resources and the survival of the earth.

-Pollution can be defined as removal of objects or materials that are the result of human activities on the environment caused 
interference Pollution comfort or survival life.Definition more information that the contamination was no change either directly or indirectly to the physical properties, chemical, biological or radiation levels of any part of the environment by releasing, removing or putting waste to affect or potentially hazardous to health, safety or welfare of the public or other organisms, plants and animals.contamination can be categorized and listed the various form of environmental pollution.

4. What change will take place in environment after you cut ?
1. Humans are cutting down forests for various purposes such as logging, road construction, settlement, mining, and agriculture.2. This activity will expose the surface to water erosion.3. When there is heavy rainfall, lack of grip and cover the tree roots will weaken the soil structure. This situation will accelerate the erosion process.4. Eroded land will be taken by the flow of rainwater and deposited in rivers. As a result the shallow river bed and flood-prone during heavy rains.5. This eroded materials will cause water pollution can threaten aquatic life.
6. Felling of trees done actively in the logging has caused the extinction of species of precious trees. For example, cengal, dallas, Meranti, and confusion.
In addition, the Government must be resolute in taking action against those guilty of illegal logging and forest encroachment, it will serve as a lesson to the public to keep away from this crime. I also hope the community to assist the Government to prevent these crimes from continuing to spread to inform the Forest Department on all activities of forest encroachment and illegal logging that occurs near your housing area.

5. Message you would like to give to people who are cutting down trees.

- want to give orders to those who have destroyed the natural life and its habitat, must act in accordance with a healthy mind without lust just as relentless pursuit of modernity against nature. Nature is a gift from God to mankind should benefit from properly powered. Therefore, authorities should also play an important role in preserving the environment so that they are not endangered and extinct. The authorities should impose more severe penalties than the penalties and punishments are available as examples of fines and penalties for the offense to take forest produce without a fine not exceeding RM500, 000 and imprisonment of not less than one year but not more than 20 years to a fine not more than RM1 million and imprisonment of not less than five years but not exceeding 20 years or both.My message to people is please love nature and love of forest semester. Do not be too concerned with the interests so sure of what happens to the foresT.

6. what do you think the use of technology in reducing and minimizing the problem?

7.In your opinion, blog is  able to stimulate environment awareness among community.Elaborate.

 through this blog is to stimulate awareness of the importance of nature to the readers of the semester and especially our forests and to describe what happens on human action

I thinks, Raised in the current technology is too advanced causing forest destruction done to rapid development .