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~ martial arts ~

Martial art is an art which arose as a way a person is self-defense. It is the tradition of fighting with or without weapons, and often without using guns or other modern weapons. Martial art has long existed, and at first it grew on the battlefield before slowly when war has been reduced and the use of modern weapons began to be used widely. many examples of martial arts, for example silat,karate,boxing.

Martial Art or Pencak Silat is a martial arts of the Malays or the archipelago that has been practiced since centuries ago. Age of a lineage of knowledge or martial arts can not be described in detail and precisely because there is no effort to study in depth from the authorities. Some have estimated that this art has for hundreds of years old and handed down from generation to generation. This includes practitioners of martial arts in Brunei, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Those who learn martial called PPS. Current practice, pegajar or silat teacher and a coach called the heritage of the flow of a teacher called Principal Teacher itu.Kebanyakan flow silat teachers now reject the term because for them the title of Grand Master of 'super' is for Allah (God) and this stature to meet teachers martial usually prefer to hide their skills and very humble. PPS senior who has long been in the martial world as an instructor (or to conceal their skills), a highly skilled, and some inherited some flow is lost called old and highly respected teacher. PPS has a high level of martial warrior named.

Among the ancient Malay weapons commonly used by the PPS are as kris, Badik, kerambit, machetes, swords, lading, Punch Pepper, tekpi, rod, tembong and Sword. For martial did not use weapons, the teaching will focus on empty hand combat (unarmed). Generally a flow of teaching both martial skills and flow with only one of them is slight. Normally a student or new students will focus on empty hand combat skills before being taught to play weapon. For some flows, only students who have recognized expertise and have manners
high character is allowed to learn the skills of weapons, especially those with weapons are considered weapons 'official' of the flow.

Silat movements divided into flowers (as if the dance movement, also known as art or dance) and fruit (or fruit shot at). For those who have never seen this martial art, it might look like a dance. However, there are flows which have only fruit and fruit such as Silat Tiny Bentayan. Fine arts allows its use as an offering in a gathering, but almost every stream has a 'dance call' includes flows that do not have flowers. Worship dance was performed to identify themselves and the flow represented / studied. In a fight situation, the beginning steps of the worship dance, or just from the interest shown enable the PPS to recognize partners aligned and enable the situation ended with a peace and tolerance.

It is well known and common expressions referred by teachers silat martial that the flower has a thousand and one tricks. Apart from the looks confusing (as if to dance) and the reasons above, the flowers are also used to provide time and space to opponents to offer salam peace (this can be seen in many flowers that look like stretched Posted), concealing the fruit and the angle of attack and mengacah and lure your opponent (sometimes up accidentally showing certain body parts for attack to ambush the enemy). Fatani scoop famous martial movements beautiful flowers and the term 'twisted'. PPS This trend will deliberately give space and signals to the enemy to attack or try to escape, where the enemy was attacked after including the trap seal, the more tightly they will be 'tangled' in PPS seal this flow.

Silat is also known as self-defense system that many use the lock, either key nerves or limbs. The term 'seal' is synonymous with martial arts.

Karate or karate-do is one of eastern martial arts. In general, karate is illustrated by the attack of motion and protection of hands and feet thoroughly. The concept is based on the general understanding of the attacks straight and level. Variations protection is also more simple method, which when considered as a simple, karate is a simple art and more based on the concept of 'boxing' in order

Boxing a lot of hands, elbows, feet and knees. Speed ​​and agility boxing players are very important when dealing with opponents. Generally, the player has a level of fitness boxing and physical stress is high enough.

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