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1.Imagine you are a part of a big orchard with a lot of trees around. How do feel being cut?

a) If I was surrounded by plants and other plants, then I cut, my life and habitat and other vegetation will be lost. In addition, ecosystems and biodiversity, we also destroyed. Destroy the soil nutrient distribution.

-Many species of fauna and flora threatened with extinction as a result of excessive logging. When forests are destroyed, we function as a plant or tree as the main producer will also be destroyed. Wildlife that depend on us will lose sources of food. Overall ecological disruption will occur when forests are destroyed.

b) Destroy the soil nutrient distribution .

-the impact of logging activities will also destroy the circulation of nutrients in the soil. In the natural circulation of nutrients will occur. However, in case of deforestation, and soil nutrient chain would quickly disappear as the surface water runoff increases sharply in the forests bare. The process of photosynthesis will also be disturbed thereby destroying the nutrient circulation.

2. What will happen to all the animals which were taking shelter on you ?
The animals depend on plants for survival. for example, in the desert sahara.Hanya few live plants in the desert, so there are only a small number of animals when compared to areas with more humid in the world. The temperature of the heat during the day and cold at night, determine the nature of the animals. When the day is hot, most of the animals hiding in an underground excavation cooler and more humid. Most of the animals in the Sahara in search of food at night. However, these animals will return to seek refuge in the excavation of the cold before dawn. Fennec foxes leave koroknya to hunt beetles and rodents as soon as the sun sets. Animal body consists of water required by the Fennec fox. As a dark environment, Fennec foxes rely more on hearing than vision. These animals have large ears that can capture the sound at night to help him stalk the enemy. This ear also helps cool the body during the day when the heat is lost via a wide surface area. So if Poco-felled trees animals will be difficult to find a place to stay and likely animals will become extinct. Not only in the food chain complex balance to operate in the desert. Overall condition of the natural environment is fragile. Although the environment can react to changes, but it takes a very long time.

3. What would be the surroundings like after you are cut?

-Human endeavor after progress and improvement in standard of living, economic activities and development projects. But they often ignore the environmental problems arising from the destruction of our habitat as natural vegetation. After we destroyed, there was a negative effect due to the process of development and modernization rush to more pressing and the resultant effects of pollution. All these negative effects increasingly threaten human health, economic resources and the survival of the earth.

-Pollution can be defined as removal of objects or materials that are the result of human activities on the environment caused 
interference Pollution comfort or survival life.Definition more information that the contamination was no change either directly or indirectly to the physical properties, chemical, biological or radiation levels of any part of the environment by releasing, removing or putting waste to affect or potentially hazardous to health, safety or welfare of the public or other organisms, plants and animals.contamination can be categorized and listed the various form of environmental pollution.

4. What change will take place in environment after you cut ?
1. Humans are cutting down forests for various purposes such as logging, road construction, settlement, mining, and agriculture.2. This activity will expose the surface to water erosion.3. When there is heavy rainfall, lack of grip and cover the tree roots will weaken the soil structure. This situation will accelerate the erosion process.4. Eroded land will be taken by the flow of rainwater and deposited in rivers. As a result the shallow river bed and flood-prone during heavy rains.5. This eroded materials will cause water pollution can threaten aquatic life.
6. Felling of trees done actively in the logging has caused the extinction of species of precious trees. For example, cengal, dallas, Meranti, and confusion.
In addition, the Government must be resolute in taking action against those guilty of illegal logging and forest encroachment, it will serve as a lesson to the public to keep away from this crime. I also hope the community to assist the Government to prevent these crimes from continuing to spread to inform the Forest Department on all activities of forest encroachment and illegal logging that occurs near your housing area.

5. Message you would like to give to people who are cutting down trees.

- want to give orders to those who have destroyed the natural life and its habitat, must act in accordance with a healthy mind without lust just as relentless pursuit of modernity against nature. Nature is a gift from God to mankind should benefit from properly powered. Therefore, authorities should also play an important role in preserving the environment so that they are not endangered and extinct. The authorities should impose more severe penalties than the penalties and punishments are available as examples of fines and penalties for the offense to take forest produce without a fine not exceeding RM500, 000 and imprisonment of not less than one year but not more than 20 years to a fine not more than RM1 million and imprisonment of not less than five years but not exceeding 20 years or both.My message to people is please love nature and love of forest semester. Do not be too concerned with the interests so sure of what happens to the foresT.

6. what do you think the use of technology in reducing and minimizing the problem?

7.In your opinion, blog is  able to stimulate environment awareness among community.Elaborate.

 through this blog is to stimulate awareness of the importance of nature to the readers of the semester and especially our forests and to describe what happens on human action

I thinks, Raised in the current technology is too advanced causing forest destruction done to rapid development .

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